Lonely Shelter Cat Waves at Passersby for Months

Written by: Clarisse Jelle
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| Published on June 26, 2024

When we want someone’s attention, we might call out their name, tap them on the shoulder, or give a gentle nudge. Animals, however, can’t use these methods. Instead, they have their own unique ways of communicating.

They might meow or bark, leaving their humans to interpret the message. Some animals mimic human gestures, like tapping your hand when they want affection. But some go the extra mile, such as waving at people.

This brings us to the story of a cat who went viral for her extraordinary effort to get noticed.

Vali, a 10-year-old senior cat, found herself in a shelter after one of her primary caregivers passed away and the other fell ill, making it impossible for them to continue caring for her. The shelter where Vali was taken, Community Cat Club, noted that she would wave at everyone who passed by her kennel, but it seemed no one paid attention. They hoped someone would eventually notice her, as she was an incredibly sweet cat.

Vali spent some time in a foster home, where her foster family described her as a loving and loyal companion who followed them everywhere and enjoyed being petted. She would even tap their hands for more affection. Despite her endearing personality and her ability to get along with people of all ages and other animals, there were few inquiries about adopting Vali. Her foster family felt it was a shame that no one was experiencing the love this adorable cat had to offer.

In an effort to find Vali a permanent home, the shelter decided to give her a moment in the spotlight. They posted a video of Vali enthusiastically waving from inside her kennel, clearly seeking human connection from visitors.

The video did wonders for Community Cat Club and Vali. It went viral, garnering numerous shares and views, and resulted in nearly 30 adoption applications for Vali. Ultimately, Vali found her forever home.

Her new owner saw the video and was moved by Vali’s determination to get adopted. The constant waving was all she needed to see to understand how much Vali wanted a home where she could share her love. The new owner quickly arranged a meeting and realized Vali was the perfect fit. Vali, overjoyed to finally have a human to cuddle with, settled into her new home. The shelter was thrilled that the video helped Vali find her forever family.

If you’re interested in helping and adopting other pets, you can check out Community Cat Club. They have dogs and cats in need of forever homes, and donations are always appreciated to support their fosters. Even a small contribution can make a big difference.

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