This Tough Kitten Shows This Rottweiler Who’s Boss

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on May 12, 2015

Kittens can be fearless at times, the same way that children can sometimes think they are invincible. But when a kitten doesn’t know what to think of something that scares them, their instinctual reaction is to fluff up and go hiss crazy. We’ve all seen it happen, and sometimes it can be rather funny when they don’t realize in actuality there is no threat at all.

When this tiny black kitten comes face to face with a big, bad Rottweiler, he doesn’t realize that this playful puppy is looking for some fun and games. And not only that, but there is thankfully a leash keeping the two at an appropriate and safe distance. Watch as this kitten fluffs himself up, thinking he’s showing this friendly Rottweiler who is the boss:

via YouTube

Do you think that brave kitten even stopped to realize that the dog was actually on a leash? Either way we think he is too precious, not to mention that’s one super sweet big pup just looking to play. Luckily, that leash kept his happy paws from accidentally causing harm to the tiny kitten. Maybe “leash play” is actually best for these two!