This Adorable Kitten Is Sound Asleep But Watch What Her Playful Sister Does!

| Published on May 10, 2015

Kittens are just so adorable and irresistible. They are so playful, especially when they have a sibling to play with. They love to take naps too. But what happens when one kitten is deep asleep, and the other one wants to play so badly?

One kitten wants to play with her sister, but her sister is fast asleep. So what does she do? She does everything she can to wake her sister up. But it seems like no matter what she does, her sister just won’t wake up! First she tried licking her sister’s face, then she tried biting her ear. And when that didn’t work, she tried playing with her sister’s tail. Watch the video below and see what other tricks this kitten does to wake her sister up!

Wasn’t that the cutest? I love how they both end up sleeping beside each other!

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