20 Cat BFFs That Will Make You Smile

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on May 12, 2015

Fuzzy, cuddly, and cute, when we see our feline friends in pairs it’s enough to make us stop and say “awe” as we obsess over their preciousness. For those of us that are owners to multiple cats, we are often treated to these adorable displays of affection and it’s something that can easily bring a smile to our face. Take a look at this fun collection of cat BFFs and be prepared to smile. Enjoy!

537437241_fc70f76e26_zSource: Mrs eNil via Flickr

6861659270_10c739c5b7_zSource: jen hauser via Flickr

10387508974_c753273eb4_zSource: G Travels via Flickr

2800697500_2c3473728d_zSource: Sue Tupling via Flickr

16470206095_daf046bf9e_zSource: CJ via Flickr
4811483968_7b6915db58_zSource: Amber Dubya via Flickr

3505735974_2e4e5aa909_zSource: Barbara Azul via Flickr

5351465222_5bc6486636_zSource: debra via Flickr

3214024845_5acbcfc479_zSource: el-toro via Flickr

IMG_2740Source: Marco40134 via Flickr

12883284633_6ef0c61a48_zSource: Ted Sakshaug via Flickr

5834729444_655baa1666_zSource: Richard via Flickr

2880172798_0f415df54b_zSource: D. Stanley via Flickr

5557861140_28a3b71cba_zSource: Jessy Roos via Flickr

12989325125_0bf7a86a39_zSource: 6SN7 via Flickr

5212151442_607168ac93_zSource: adrianne.ryan via Flickr

4749145213_5213e5e9ca_zSource:Trish Hamme via Flickr

735000014_9e7ff6a91f_zSource: fletcherjcm via Flickr

8475117887_662fd4624b_zSource: hehaden via Flickr

5399900848_a7839ea5c5_zSource: Jackie O via Flickr