Resourceful Kitten Hitches Rides On His Farm Animal Friends

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on April 19, 2016

Like many felines, ginger cat Teton rules the roost–and in this case, the whole farm!

Living on Snowfall Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado since he was 3 months old, Teton was originally brought to the farm in the winter of 2014 to catch mice. However, this kitty has become friends with all the other barnyard animals, and calls the shots when it comes to creative transportation!

teton 6
Source: Snowfall Ranch


Teton doesn’t seem to realize he is by far the tiniest of his friends, and spends his nights snuggling with his comparatively giant buddies. The crew includes horses, miniature horses, mini Nigerian dwarf goats, and a miniature donkey, according to Colorado’s 9 News

“He runs the barn,” said owner Joanna Shaw in the news.

teton 7
Source: Snowfall Ranch


Besides being unlikely friends, the strangest part of Teton’s relationship with his buddies is that he loves to hitch rides on their backs–and they don’t mind one bit!

teton 5
Source: Snowfall Ranch


In fact, he helped train a mild-mannered mini horse to become a therapy animal, as her “patient demeanor is evident with the kitten,” reported 9 News in an article from 2014.

teton 4
Source: Snowfall Ranch


In the winter, Teton is particularly fond of his riding arrangement. Getting toted around by the other animals, he barely has to touch a paw on the cold, wet snow!

teton 1
Source: Snowfall Ranch


What a clever kitty! Leave it to a cat to consider a barnyard full of animals his own personal taxi service.

Make sure to check out more goings-on at the Snowfall Ranch Facebook page.

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