This Kitten Learned How To Surrogate From A Husky; Now, She’s Mothering A Litter Of Her Own!

We loved the story about Rosie the kitten, who was raised by a Husky named Lilo, and looked after by a couple other furry friends.

In a wonderful turn of events that brings this story full-circle, Rosie is now the surrogate mother to 9 orphaned kittens!

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It was just about a year ago that Rosie was a 3-week-old stray, looking up to mama Lilo for guidance. But after learning how to be an adoptive mother from the maternal Husky, Rosie has been nurturing these orphaned kittens like a pro. They are from two different litters, and are being fostered by her humans.

“We think that Lilo’s motherly instinct rubbed off on her, because almost exactly a year ago, Lilo became Rosie’s mom. Now the two of them help us take care of the 9 kittens together,” owner Thoa Bui said in a story by Love Meow. (Looks like Lilo can’t resist lending a helping paw!)

The humans feed the tiny babies ’round the clock with syringes, but Rosie provides something that humans cannot: a feline maternal influence. She cleans and cuddles them, and lets them play and climb all over her.

(GAH! This looks like Cat Lady paradise!)

“Almost exactly one year ago, Lilo took Rosie under her care and nursed her back to life. Now it seems the favor has gone full circle, as Rosie has adopted these 9 kittens as her own!!” reads a post on the Lilothehusky Facebook page.

We just love this story!

See more updates on Rosie, Lilo, and the gang on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

(h/t: Love Meow)

Written by Karen Tietjen
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