They Call Her The “Problem Child” Cat, And Now She Has Found A Forever Home!

| Published on April 26, 2016

Just like humans, cats have different temperaments and personalities. There are very mellow cats, lazy cats who just love to lounge around the house all day, and there are also cats who get into trouble almost all the time.

The cat in the photos below is nicknamed the “problem child” cat. That’s because this kitty is a mischievous one! She gets herself into all sorts of trouble.

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She’s energetic and she’s definitely a curious one!

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This kitty grew up in 5 foster homes. And she was deemed a “problem child” because she just happens to like doing all sorts of things around the house.

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After going through five homes, it seems that nobody wanted to give a forever home to this naughty kitty.

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But lucky for her, a woman came to her life…and this woman totally gets her!

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Finally, this “problem child” kitty has found her perfect match–a mom who just loves her for who she is.

Check out the video below!

Awwwww…we’re so glad this kitty found a loving home and a mom who accepts her for who she is!

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