This High Schooler Had The CUTEST Prom Date…Because It Was A Cat


When Imgur user carolina12006 posted a picture of her brother and their cat dressed in their prom best, fellow browsers went nuts!

“My brother took our cat to prom,” reads the caption. “He couldn’t find a date.”

…at least, he couldn’t find a date that was this adorable!

The kitty’s name is Ruby.

My brother took our cat to prom

While the photo was obviously posted in good humor, it’s unclear as to whether this guy’s whiskered date actually made it to the dance. Either way, they’ve certainly nabbed the titles from Prom King and Queen in our book!

And have you ever seen such a look of love as this one that Ruby gives to her human? Awww!

Prom Date (2)
Source: carolina12006 via Imgur

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