Success Story: Cat with Special Needs Gets a Very Special Home

Your purchases on iHeartCats are making a huge difference! Here’s another success story.

Bonk was taken into Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue (SIHAR) as a newborn. It was discovered that his mother was unable, or refused, to feed him which resulted in a neurological disorder. Bonk developed Cerebellar Hypoplasia (aka Wobbles Syndrome) that affects his motor skills. He needed to be bottle fed, and learn how to cope with his disability.


Thanks to generous food donations from Rescue Bank, cats under the care of SIHAR will always eat well. These donations also help free up the rescue’s budget so cats like Bonk get the necessary medical treatment to get well.

Bonk was put into the foster care of the rescue’s director to get the special care he needed. Within no time, they fell in love with the little guy and he now has a forever home! Bonk is very happy and although may not be considered your “normal” cat, does not let anything get him down.

Bonk after

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