Adorable Photos Show How A Friendship Formed Between The Cat & The New Puppy

Reddit user murtzor posted these adorable pictures of his cat Tickles and new puppy Marley. 

Tickles is a rescue cat who was, for awhile, the only fur member of the family. The ginger kitty has always been laid-back, enjoying lounging and napping around the house. But when Golden Retriever Marley was brought home, the energetic puppy immediately took a liking to Tickles…

Slightly suspicious, as most cats are, Tickles was not so quick to show his affection. But this made Marley even more desperate to earn his feline sibling’s love!


Marley remained persistent…and Tickles remained patient!

TM 3

As they got to know each other, the ginger kitty began to warm up to his new roommate, trusting him a little more each day.

TM 1

Now, the two love cuddling together! What a ball of fluff!

TM 2

It's a sweet and simple story about how two complete opposites: a calm, mature cat and a young, playful puppy--can become the best of friends!

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