This Cat Shows Up The Dogs When It’s Time To Do Tricks

When you think of the family pet doing tricks, I’m sure your automatically think of dogs performing. Well, they aren’t the only ones that can learn words and tricks. Cats can actually learn commands, too!

The kitty in the video below is Didga, and she’s pretty amazing. I’m sure you have seen the videos of her on her skateboard and surfboard, and if you haven’t, I highly suggest you do. Her skateboarding talents have actually led to her being called “The World’s Best Cat Skateboarder”!

Well it’s no surprise that Didga can do more than just ride a skateboard better than most humans! Her owner has taught her many tricks that have also been taught to the family dogs. Check out this cute video of Didga and the dogs.

Share this with your cat-lover friends who may be inspired to teach their cats do some tricks! 😀

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