This Cat Is Top Dog In His Family Of Chihuahuas

| Published on February 28, 2016

Cats and dogs have been notorious enemies throughout history. It’s easy to see why a cat’s aloof personality wouldn’t click with the in-your-face personality of a dog. There are exceptions to every rule, though, and it’s not uncommon to see cats and dogs who co-exist in peace. Every once in a while we’re even gifted a story of a cat and dog who have become best friends. But have you ever seen a cat who has seven dog best friends?

Meet Ritchie. He’s a cat from Thailand who became the loving caretaker of seven chihuahua puppies. You won’t believe this cuteness.

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Ritchie loves hanging out with his dog friends. Clearly he is the leader of he pack.

He’s always up for a good snuggle or nap with one of his friends.

Or MORE than one friend.

He protects them.

And even grooms them! What a sweetie!