These Eco-Friendly Cat Playhouses Are Perfect For Your Feline Friend!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on October 14, 2015


When it comes to our cats, at times we can spend ridiculous amounts of money on things they don’t even end up liking. We want to pamper our feline friends, but if only there was a way to do so that didn’t cost a lot or didn’t go to waste. So what if there was a way to not be wasteful or have to spend a ton of money? The answer is here thanks to this cool new start-up cat furniture company! Thanks to Petbo, a new company based out of Sweden, you can make your cat happy while saving the environment, too!

image 1

After the founder of Petbo adopted two stray kittens, he wanted to give them a space that was there own where they could feel safe and cozy. Cats are independent by nature, and they crave a space that is theirs, and theirs alone. With their super cool cat playhouses, your cat can have a cute place to kick back and be a cat.

The designs are all fully foldable, so it’s easy to transport, lightweight, comes in a cool design, and the interior floor even has a scratch pad! Your cat will love it–and chances are you will too!

image 2

The playhouses are now being offered in two designs, but the team is working hard to create more cool ideas that both cats and their humans will love.

As they say on the Petbo website:

Our goal is to create a beautiful playhouse for small pets that’s well designed,
friendly and affordable.

Super cute, affordable, eco-friendly, and a scratch pad for kitty?? This is right up our alley! Watch their cool video below:

If you’d like to order one for your home, you can visit their website:
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Share these cool playhouses with your cat lover friends!! They would make the perfect gift for your feline friend this Holiday season. Meow!