Mr. Magoo–The Kitty With His Tongue Permanently Sticking Out–Is The Cutest New Celebrity Cat

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on October 14, 2015

Can you name at least one internet celebrity cat? C’mon, we know that you can! We’ve featured grumpy cats, sad cats, happy cats, and even cats who look like they are always smiling–but Mr. Magoo might take the cake as the most adorable ever!

After being rescued from beneath a deck in Canada, the human who found him decided to take him to an animal hospital where hopefully he could have a chance to survive. At just a tiny 14oz. when being found, the people at the facility noticed something rather unique about this tiny black kitten: the little boy permanently had his tongue sticking out!

Throwback of little Mr. Magoo as a kitten:

Throw back Thursday! Baby Magoo❤️

Posted by Mr Magoo The Cat on Thursday, September 24, 2015

It was discovered that the permanent tongue out came as a result of his lower jaw being off to one side, causing the tongue to stick out as the skull was also slightly deformed. But that didn’t stop him from stealing the heart of a human eager to love him for the rest of his days. This green-eyed beauty stole the heart of one of the veterinary technicians and soon had a loving home to call his own.

Happy Caturday!

Posted by Mr Magoo The Cat on Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mr. Magoo never received the surgery to correct his condition, as his mouth was unable to fully open for surgery. But that’s okay, because he is flourishing at home with his human and dog family–living on a diet exclusively of wet food!

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