These 21 Posts About Cats & Dogs Will Have Your New Year Ringing With Laughter

It’s a brand-new year and we’re celebrating in one of our favorite ways. Forget firecrackers and sparklers; we’re rejoicing a time of beginnings with things far more fun and cuddly…cats and dogs!

To start 2022 off right, spend a few minutes scrolling through these posts about cats and dogs. Purrhaps you’ll find inspiration for those resolutions. Or, maybe you’ll just have a laugh. Either way, time spent focusing on the furry ones is bound to brighten your New Year. So, have a shiny day and enjoy a moment with this week’s funniest finds on social media!

21 Social Media Posts about Cats & Dogs to Make Your New Year Ring with Laughter

#1 – Tidings for a purrfect New Year!

#2 – He’s definitely on to you.

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#3 – Calm, quiet, and cute is how the void sucks you in…

@marmiteandtoastieHe was when i first saw him.. #foryoupage #viral #fyp #talkativecat #blackkitten #void #blackcat #trend♬ Voodoo People – Pendulum Mix – The Prodigy

#4 – And every eve, for that matter!

#5 – Sound on for your ultimate New Year’s soundtrack.

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#6 – Same, and it hurts.

#7 – Imitation is the finest form of flattery.

#8 – Dogs prefer a quiet New Year’s Eve, thank you very much!

#9 – Better watch your back…

#10 – Enjoy the dogs that made you laugh in 2021!

#11 – Catzilla cometh…

#12 – Deep thoughts…

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#13 – It’s the answer to why my phone is so quiet…

#14 – Be sure to seek your truths in the New Year!

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#15 – For your daily allowance of cuteness

#16 – And to get your fill of sweet dreams…

#17 – The truth is out there, and it’s that cats are definitely from somewhere else.

#18 – New Year’s Resolution No. 1, get a tattoo.

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#19 – New Year’s Resolution No. 2, start eating right.

@catss_food♬ original sound – Catss_food

#20 – To be a fresh start, it kind of feels ruff already!

#21 – See ya later, 2021.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022 that’s filled with joy and laughter. And to help you get those all-important laughs, Discover The Hilarity Of Cats & Dogs In These 21 Funny Social Media Posts!

Feature Image: @LeoandVinny/Twitter & @usualpups/Instagram

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