The Healing Power Of Cats

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on February 9, 2015

Majestic, beautiful, lovable. Many kind words can be said when describing these wonderful animals that we find so endearing. Aside from all the obvious things that we adore about cats, did you know that it has been proven that these amazing animals possess healing powers? While cats are known for being incredibly self-healing, often times their healing abilities can have a positive effect on humans as well. Take a look at our gallery full of findings on the healing powers of cats:

7739269674_3ef6f79fc9_zSource: Alice Barigelli via Flickr

1. Cats Make Us Happy

These friendly little companions can bring sheer joy to our lives on a daily basis. From the little things that they do that make us smile, to the ways they melt our heart, cats have the ability to make us feel warm and fuzzy all over. Being happy releases much-needed serotonin in your brain and will help you to feel better overall. For people who are single, widowed, or live by themselves, cats are perfect for making you not feel so alone on a consistent basis. In turn, owning a cat can also bring out the gentle, nurturing side of us, that’s not afraid to show love and appreciates the meaning of true companionship.

 7825623454_849650d4d4_z-2Source: Siobhan Bennett via Flickr

2. The Power of the Purr

Not only is owning a cat beneficial to your health, with a proven decrease in heart attacks and dysponea, but a cat’s purr can provide healing abilities. Through the power of their purr, cats can create vibrations that range from 20-140 Hz, which has been known to be medically therapeutic for both cats and humans alike. These frequencies put off by a cat’s purr have the capability to promote bone health and even heal them. Fun fact: there’s an old veterinarian adage that states, “if you put a cat in a room with a bunch of broken bones — the bones will heal”. Cats have long since been thought of as natural healers, and with magical powers like this it’s no wonder. The powerful purr vibrations put off by cats even has the strength to aid in healing soft tissue damage, such as muscle, ligament and tendon injuries.

 15541844401_9625369a6a_zSource: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr

3. Cats Can Heal Your Stress

Owning a feline companion has been linked to reducing stress, which in turn lowers blood pressure. In addition to reducing stress, it’s been said that those suffering from migraines have laid next to a cat, and the steady, rhythmic sounds of a cat’s purr has helped to ease their pain and rid their strong headache. By simply stroking your cat’s soft fur this can help to relax you by putting your mind at ease and clearing your thoughts. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your feline friend that they will be sure to thank you for. In addition to healing stress, cats can help to improve your depression and anxiety if you suffer from either of these as well.

7013449357_f02d60cb5b_zSource: yellowcloud via Flickr

4. Cats Want to Make You Better

It’s been proven that senior citizens who own a cat are shown to live longer lives than those who do not. These natural “doctors” have a sixth sense for sensing when you are under the weather, and prefer to be near you for comfort and support. Owning a cat is also said to even improve your immune function by boosting it. Aside from owning a cat just because, you can thank these special creatures for keeping you happier and healthier as long as they have something to do with it. Cats have miraculous abilities for healing themselves, and as a thank you to you, they don’t mind helping their loving owner in return.

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