Most Popular Cat & Kitten Names Of 2014

| Published on February 9, 2015


Each new year brings in new fads, some of which come in the form of names for our pets. Some names remain popular throughout the years while others come and go quickly. Here we’ve gotten a tallied list from of the most popular names for new cats and kittens in 2014!


1. Bella
2. Luna
3. Lucy
4. Kitty
5. Elsa
6. Daisy
7. Lily
8 .Callie
9. Lilly
10. Gracie


1. Oliver
2. Milo
3. Leo
4. Charlie
5. Max
6. Simba
7. Tiger
8. Smokey
9. Jack
10. Kitty

So there you have it. If you’re looking for something easy to go with and don’t want your kitty to be made fun of for having a weird name, you can chose any of these names here. Oddly enough, one of the most popular, “Kitty,” is the least creative! If you’re feeling wittier, you can come up with anything you like. What is your Cat’s name?

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