The Best Way to Keep Your Kitty Entertained and Not Destroying Furniture

Your kitty has claws; claws that they hopefully keep to themselves. But it’s not unusual to sometimes find them destroying furniture or tearing fibers out of your rugs and carpet. You don’t have to surrender everything in your home to your cat to keep them happy. A little entertainment and training can help extend the life of your furniture!

According to veterinarian Kathryn Primm, DVM., your cat scratches for several reasons. We aren’t surprised to hear that many cats scratch just because it feels good; you can see in the way they arch their backs, stretch as far as they can, and flick their tails that they’re really enjoying it!

It seems rude to interrupt them mid-scratch/stretch even if their claws are dug into your sofa when they do it! (Like when someone interrupts you mid-yawn!) Don’t deprive your cat of this small pleasure, instead, make this an opportunity to train your kitty and spend some time with her.

The Project Play™ Wild Rose Black Cat Scratcher hangs up high, giving your cat plenty of room to stretch up and scratch all the way back down. Positive reinforcement can quickly teach your kitty that this is a spot just for her to sink her claws into. Not only will it keep your furniture a little safer, it will also promote healthy circulation in her toes and nail beds!

Deterring your cat from destroying furniture doesn’t have to be all work. Next time you see her get ready to sink her claws into the couch, offer a distraction. Cats are natural born hunters, and teasers like the Project Play™ Flexible Feather Wand play to your cat’s deeply ingrained hunting instinct. The feathers and bells won’t just catch her attention, they’ll catch her claws, too, and your furniture will live to see another day.

Although scratching is normal for a cat, excessively destructive behavior is not. Your cat will never attack your personal belongings because they’re angry at you or just feeling spiteful. Some cats can suffer from separation anxiety, and in the effort to self-soothe, may take to clawing whatever they can. If your cat only seems to attack your home when you’re gone, consider trying the “When You’re Away” Comfort Cuddler™. When you have to go out you can leave this with your cat, stuffed with the most soothing scent to them – your scent! Stuff it with a pillowcase or recently worn shirt and leave as a reminder to your cat that you’ll be back soon.

When all else fails, there are options to keep your furniture safe even if your cat won’t stop trying to claw it. Some people will spray their cat’s favorite “bad” spots to scratch, but few sprays are consistent. Couch Guard deters your cat from destroying furniture without sprays. The smooth tape doesn’t have the same appeal that a rougher surface would, so your cat just loses interest and moves on.

Of course, you don’t want your cat to wander off and find a new piece of furniture to destroy. Make sure your cat has plenty to keep her entertained and remind her where her claws should go when you see her ready to scratch.

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