The 10 Newest Cat Breeds

| Published on July 2, 2014

Just as there are new dog breeds popping up left and right, there are new cat breeds too! From small and fluffy to large and exotic, these new felines will be sure to make you smile.

#1 – American Curl


These beautiful cats sport an interesting trait – their ears curl backwards! As interesting as their ears might be their story, as this breed originates from a kitten found in Southern California back in 1981. Said kitten had the same unusual set of ears found on the current felines, and was used to create the set of genetics that the breed is founded on today.

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#2 – Cheetoh Cat


Cheetohs aren’t just a junk food anymore, they’re a new breed of cat! The Cheetoh was created by mixing Ocicats and Bengals, and the result was this stunning creature. Cheetohs were recognized by the United Feline Organization in 2004.

Photo by Kira on Flickr.

#3 – Highlander


The Highlander is another breed with unique ears. Despite looking similar to the American Curl, this breed was developed starting in 2004 with the use of domestic mixed-breed cats of no specific origin.

#4 – LaPerm


The name certainly suits the cat! LaPerms look just as their name suggest – like they’ve had a perm! These curly-coated felines all go back to a single kitten born in 1982 out of a regular barn-cat litter, that sported the mutation for a soft, wavy coat. Born with either short hair that turns curly, or with no hair that soon grows in, LaPerms certainly offer a unique look.

#5 – Minskin


The Minskin is a very interesting breed for a number of reasons. Not only does he sport no fur, he’s also a dwarf cat with Siamese markings! Developed in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts, it was created using Munchkins for their short legs and Sphynx for their hairless characteristics.

Photo by Kennisnet Innovatie on Flickr.

#6 – Munchkin


Speaking of Munchkins – they’re a new breed too! Aptly named for their short legs and normal-sized bodies, Munchkins were developed by a natural mutation found in cats back in the 1940’s. Although it was seen before, it wasn’t until 1983 before enthusiasts started creating a breed out of these adorable little felines, and not until 1991 that they were introduced to the general public.

#7 – Napoleon Cat


The Napoleon cat is another dwarf breed derived from the Munchkin. It’s a cross between the Munchkin and the Persian breeds and Exotic Shorthairs (for each the long- and short-haired varieties). Interestingly, the breeder that created the Napoleon cat starting back in 1995 was also a Basset Hound breeder – fond of the dwarf breeds in all species!

#8 – Ojos Azules


This incredibly rare breed was discovered in New Mexico in 1984, and was given the Spanish name Ojos Azules, meaning “blue eyes.” What’s fascinating about Ojos Azules is that their blue eyes are not linked to the light coat colors or pointed colors in all other breeds of cat, meaning that very dark colors will still have the stunning, bright blue eyes.

#9 – Peterbald


The Peterbald is a Russian breed developed in St. Petersburg in 1994. It was an experimental mix between a Donsky and an Oriental Shorthair, which produced the four kittens that founded the breed. Peterbalds can be bald, or have flocked, velour, brush or straight coats.

#10 – Toyger


The Toyger is a stunning new cat breed created in the 1980’s by breeding shorthair tabbies to more closely resemble a tiger. While not fully being accepted by The International Cat Association until 2007, Toygers have around 20 breeders in the United States today.

Photo by Erlon Brasil on Flickr.


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