How Do Cats (Almost) Always Manage To Land On Their Feet?

Ask any veterinarian, animal scientist, or experienced pet owner and they will tell you the same thing: cats are far more graceful than their canine counterparts. Their natural tendency to land on their feet is more than just an interesting feline trait, it is a vital evolutionary survival mechanism. It is no coincidence that our companion kitties often seek higher ground. Their wild ancestors live, hunt, and sleep high up in the trees – and sooner or later, they are … Read more

Woman Captures Peaceful Images Of Her Cats Enjoying The Rainfall

Felicity Berkleef is a 21-year-old photography student from Holland. She loves practicing her craft with her two cats, Nero and Tommie, as her models and muses. One day during a rain storm, Felicity covered the pair in a blanket as they sat together in the window, staring at the rain. Nero and Tommie were so transfixed by the storm that they allowed themselves to be adorably swaddled. A photo posted by Felicity Berkleef (@felicity_berkleef) on Nov 14, 2016 at 2:50am … Read more

Woman Receives A Strange Note From A Neighbor, Discovers Her Cat Has A Secret Admirer

When Reddit user kacyyy decided to put some new plants in his window, she had no idea it would lead to heartbreak. Heartbreak, that is, for the neighbor’s dog across the street. You see, poster kacyyy didn’t know that there was a pup who pined away for his cat, who loved to lounge on the windowsill. But with the new plants there, the dog’s view of the kitty was gone. It wasn’t long after placing the pots on the sill that the cat … Read more

Kitten Thankful For Nine Lives After Surviving 13-Story Plunge

In Minneapolis, a curious kitten was able to shimmy under a cracked open window and fall from a 17-story apartment building. When owner John Knuf arrived home from the grocery store, he found his 7-month-old orange tabby, named Brennan, lying on the fourth-floor landing. Although a screen was in the window, the kitten had somehow found a safety flaw. The distraught owner climbed out on a fifth-floor ledge to rescue the kitten, who initially, was not moving. But when he picked … Read more