Foster Kitten Falls Asleep While Nestled In Dog’s Fur

It’s hard to tell what’s cuter in this video: the sweet, sleepy foster kitten, or the pup who lets her nestle in his fluff! (Luckily, you don’t have to choose.) The caption on Rumble reads: “A very patient and gentle 4-year-old Golden Retriever allows a tiny and cute foster kitten to take a nap in his warm and cozy stomach fur. He seems confused but rolls with it anyway!” Watch the precious pair below:   Source: Foster kitten falls asleep … Read more

Watch This Mayor’s Face When A Cat Interrupts His Live Broadcast

While a mayor in Latvia was broadcasting a live message to viewers, a fluffy white-pawed kitty made a surprise guest appearance! Mr. Usakovs, mayor of the city of Riga, was live on camera when a long-haired black and white cat approached his mug to take a sniff! When he reached out to give his co-star a pet, the surprised cat jumped off the table and off screen. (Maybe he got stage fright?) But the funniest part of this video is the incredulous look on Mr. … Read more

Little Boy Sends Out Adorable Invitations For Cat Wedding

Silver-Pedro Marriage Announcement: This announcement is made to congratulate cats Silver and Pedro on their nuptials. The cats were wedded this past Sunday at 2 PM in a small home ceremony. The bridegroom, Pedro, was given by his human, named Vivian, and the bride, Silver, by her human, Brady. Guests were treated to tuna cake and the honor of witnessing the union of Silver and Pedro firsthand.   Brady’s hand-scrawled invitation caught the attention of the internet this week when it was … Read more

Woman Gives Cat A “Cardboard Box” That’s Fit For A King

We know that cats love playing in cardboard boxes, but Frances Ratner of New Zealand took it about ten steps further. The 26-year-old is smitten with her 6-month-old kitty, who bears the royal title of Prince Peachblossom.   When asked about His Highness’ adoption, Ratner gave us a magical origin story: There is a mountain near my house with a lake at it’s summit. Once every hundred years, a single lotus flower blooms in this lake. Six months ago I journeyed up the … Read more

Cat Is Smitten With Musician Dad’s Piano Playing

We know cats like to lounge all over our computer keyboards, but this sweet tabby just loves to relax on the instrumental keyboard when Dad is playing! The Istanbul musician’s love for cats is evident on his Instagram page, and it seems that this particular feline has an affinity for his piano playing. If you think that this kitty’s love for laying on the keys is adorable, just wait until she gives him a nuzzle about halfway through the video! A post … Read more

Watch This Kitten’s Reaction When His Friend Gives Him A Nibble

Baby animals are often “mouthy” when they’re learning to play and communicate, and these two kittens are an adorable example of this. The squirmy tabby on the left is clearly in the mood for a little fun, while his tuxedo friend on the right would rather do a little grooming. When the mischievous kitten puts his paw in his pal’s mouth, mid-yawn, he ends up getting nibbled. Just wait until you see his reaction! Watch what the tabby cat does after … Read more

Cat’s Curiosity Gets The Best Of Him In A Hilarious Way

We know that cats love shimmying their way into tight spaces, and while they’re usually very good at it, sometimes they just can’t fit! The ginger tabby in the video below is named Gabriel, and he learned first hand that he can’t squeeze into everything! According to Daily Mail, the kitten was socializing at his human’s birthday party and playing with the guests. When someone put a catnip toy in a narrow gift bag for him to fish out, the curious cat decided to dive in head first! Watch … Read more

One By One, This Mama Cat Carries Her Kittens To Bed For Bath Time

Cats are notorious for being caring and doting mothers, and this beautiful gray kitty is no exception! One baby at a time, this mama cat carries her litter to their soft bed, which is tucked away in a nice cozy den. Then once everyone is accounted for, it’s bath time! While the youngster being cleaned squirms a bit, if you turn up your volume, you’ll hear a few adorable meows and someone purring in the background. Watch this attentive mama at work: … Read more

Her Boyfriend Didn’t Like Her New Cat, So She Posted A Plea To Get Rid Of Him…

When one cat lover found out her boyfriend wasn’t a fan of her new kitten, she knew she had a difficult choice to make. “My boyfriend doesn’t like my new cat, so I have to give him away,” that_crazy_cat_lady titled her Reddit post.   She continued: I hate to do this, but I can’t keep him. Is anyone interested? He’s sweet, loves to cuddle. Answers to Benjamin. He is 32 years old and works in business management.     Fellow Redditor ysengrimus showed his whole-hearted support … Read more

Trucker Uses His Resources To Rescue A Kitten Stuck On A High Overpass

When a trucker driver in Bangkok, Thailand spotted a stranded kitten on a stories-high overpass, he didn’t hesitate to risk his life to save him. After spotting the helpless ginger baby, the driver pulled his truck over near the bottom of the overpass and used the hydraulic lift to raise the bed at an angle. Bravely scaling the height, he had to balance on a metal edge in order to reach the terrified tabby. Once they were both safely on the ground, this good … Read more