Trucker Uses His Resources To Rescue A Kitten Stuck On A High Overpass


When a trucker driver in Bangkok, Thailand spotted a stranded kitten on a stories-high overpass, he didn’t hesitate to risk his life to save him.

After spotting the helpless ginger baby, the driver pulled his truck over near the bottom of the overpass and used the hydraulic lift to raise the bed at an angle. Bravely scaling the height, he had to balance on a metal edge in order to reach the terrified tabby. Once they were both safely on the ground, this good Samaritan displayed the kindest, most heartwarming smile!

Watch the nail-biting rescue, below:

According to Daily Mail, the video was captured by Nieb Nuttigon, who owns a business across the street. 

“This happened in front of my restaurant on the Rama 3 road. The man was brave to climb up so high like that,” Nieb said in the story. “The kitten had been crying for help since the night before but nobody could reach him until the driver came along.”

Nieb continued, “He came down after with the kitten and he saved it. But he didn’t want to adopt the cat as he drives a lot.” 

Daily Mail  reports that the tiny tabby was adopted by a nearby shopkeeper.

Although the name of the kitten’s rescuer is unknown, one thing is for sure: he’s a hero!

(h/t: Daily Mail)

Written by Karen Tietjen

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