Her Boyfriend Didn’t Like Her New Cat, So She Posted A Plea To Get Rid Of Him…

When one cat lover found out her boyfriend wasn’t a fan of her new kitten, she knew she had a difficult choice to make.

“My boyfriend doesn’t like my new cat, so I have to give him away,” that_crazy_cat_lady titled her Reddit post.

Image Source: Screen Shot via Reddit


She continued:

I hate to do this, but I can’t keep him. Is anyone interested? He’s sweet, loves to cuddle. Answers to Benjamin. He is 32 years old and works in business management.


Image Source: that_crazy_cat_lady via Imgur


Fellow Redditor ysengrimus showed his whole-hearted support for her decision. “I went out with a woman for a short time who gave up a cool cat in favor of a [boyfriend]. A few years later she had neither that cat nor [the boyfriend]. Moral of the story: always choose the cat,” he commented.

Well, it looks like ginger tabby Jasper is here to stay! Anyone looking to adopt a single 32-year-old human?

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