After 5 Years In A Shelter, This Senior Black Cat Defies The Odds & Finds A Home

As a shelter cat, Bailey already had two strikes against her. Adult cats have a harder time getting homes than kittens; and senior, black cats have the hardest time of all. Bailey was the poster cat for those unfair statistics. Still, Purrfect Pals knew that her home was out there. iHeartCats has shared stories from their shelter before – it’s an amazing place where cats with even the toughest challenges find hope and homes. Bailey was adopted as a kitten … Read more

Mom Lets Son Pick Any Pet In The Shelter, His Choice Will Warm Your Heart

Children love animals, and given the chance to select the pet of their choice, most opt for a puppy or kitten. But young Easton is not most children! When his mother gave him free reign to select the family’s next pet from Exploits Valley SPCA in Newfoundland, Canada, Easton chose an obese senior cat named Tiny.   Back in 2014, when Easton was just a toddler, his mother Elizabeth adopted a three-year-old cat named Oscar from a local shelter. Oscar … Read more

Cat Celebrates Her Sweet 15 With A Rockin’ Quinceañera Party

In Hispanic culture it is traditional to mark a young girl’s transition into womanhood with a massive 15th birthday celebration known as a quinceañera party. So when the Olavarria family realized their beloved cat Luna’s big day was approaching, they decided she deserved to be treated like a princess, too!    The Olavarrias discovered Luna wandering helplessly on the side of the road when she was just 3-weeks-old. They took her in and welcomed her as a member of the family, showering … Read more

Microchip Reveals A Shocking Secret About This Abandoned Senior Cat

It’s not unusual for rescue workers to find abandoned cats at the door of the RSPCA Southall Cattery in West London, but one such feline’s history has turned out to be very surprising indeed! Banjo is a regal black kitty with soulful green eyes who turned up on the RSPCA’s doorstep in a cardboard box on September 4th. As per protocol, the staff scanned him for a microchip and discovered that he was in fact chipped – in 1991! According … Read more

Keep Your Senior Cat Young At Heart With These 8 Tips

We all want our cats to live as long as possible, but it can be hard to watch them become seniors. Each cat will enter senior-hood in its own unique way. You may notice that your once-spry cat is having a hard time walking up the stairs, or that the laser pointer isn’t quite as interesting as a nap anymore. There’s no stopping nature’s clock, but there are some things you can do to make your cat’s life easier and … Read more

This Handsome Cat Is Up For Adoption & You’ll Never Guess How Old He Is!

If you’re smitten with senior cats and you live near Mount Holly, New Jersey, consider giving this handsome tuxedo cat a second chance at a loving home! According to Pet Finder, Sylvester was surrendered “through no fault of his own” on August 8th, 2016. He’s healthy, affectionate, and wonderfully calm…oh yes, and he’s 20 years old!   That’s right! This sweet guy ages well. However, it is quite unfortunate that he’s landed in a shelter so late into his Golden Years. Because … Read more

8 Ways To Help Ease Your Cat Into Their Senior Years

It’s hard watching our cats grow old; we want them to stay young and frisky forever. Believe me, they want to stay young and frisky forever, too. A cat depends heavily on having an agile body, quick reflexes, and sharp senses, and it can be distressing when they begin to decline. As caretakers and friends, it’s our job to make sure our cats are able to transition into this new stage of life easily. Here are 8 tips to make … Read more

6 Ways To Maintain Your Bond As Your Cat Becomes A Senior

Getting older can be very overwhelming for your cat. A lot of the traits and senses she uses to understand her environment and feel safe (agility, hearing, sight, smell) become dull or nonexistence, and she may have to completely re-learn how to navigate without them. As her needs change, so may your relationship with her. You may have to do a bit more work to make sure her needs are met and that you’re able to maintain your amazing bond. … Read more