Not Your Average Kitty Litter–PrettyLitter Is Saving Feline Lives

The litter box in your house might have a bad reputation, but a new name in kitty litter is changing everything pet parents know about how to keep cats healthy. PrettyLitter is the official litter sponsor of iHeartcats, and their revolutionary kitty litter is not only affecting how people view litter boxes, it’s also saving lives and keeping families together.  Let’s face it, you love your cat, but you don’t love the daily task of cleaning out the litter box. … Read more

This Cat Poop Parasite Could Be The Key To Future Cancer Treatment

A new development in cancer treatment is pointing researchers in an unexpected direction—toward the litter box. A study published by researchers at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College in Hanover reports a parasite found in feline feces could be the future of cancer treatment. Called T. gondii, the single-celled parasite is found in the intestines of warm-blooded animals as well as uncooked meat and contaminated drinking water. It’s not something you want to ingest, but scientific evidence shows … Read more

Why Do Cats Bury Their Waste?

One of the many reasons some people prefer cats over dogs is that cats will use a litter box and don’t need to be taken outside to do their business. But why is it that so many cats bury their poop in the litter box? Or, what does it mean if your cat skips this step and leaves it uncovered? And what could it mean if your cat used to bury their waste, but no longer does? Here’s the scoop … Read more

This New Cat Litter Is Changing Lives For Owners And Their Cats!

Once we have that special cat in our life, the thought of them becoming sick is something that we never want to think about. Our cats mean more to us than they will ever know, and annual vet exams are something we do for them as a preventative measure. As any cat lover knows, cats are tough creatures. They can withstand pain so that their human doesn’t know that they are sick, and without the means to tell us what’s … Read more

The Best And Worst Spots In Your Home For Your Cat’s Litter Box

Certainly cats have preferences about what types of litter and what styles of litter box they prefer, but did you know that the location of the litter box can have a big impact on whether or not your cat decides to use it? Some cats are good sports and will use it wherever you put it, but if your cat has litter box issues and a clean bill of health, you may want to try moving it to see if … Read more

Should Pregnant Women REALLY Avoid Scooping The Litter Box?

We’ve all heard that pregnant women shouldn’t clean out the litter box. But is that really true, or is it just an old wives’ tale? According to PetMD, cats are the only mammals that can pass Toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection, through their stool. This is the parasite behind the warning because it can cause birth defects when pregnant women are exposed. How concerned should you be about catching Toxoplasmosis from your cat? Here are 4 things you should know. #1 – You’re more … Read more

5 Ways To Make Your Cat Comfortable Using The Litter Box

Do you dream about buying a robotic litter box so you don’t have to clean it yourself, but you wonder if it’s worth the money? Or, does your cat choose to go anywhere but the litter box? What’s the best kind of box? Is the type of litter important? If you’re not sure what’s best for you and your cat, check out these 5 tips for finding litter box bliss. #1 – Bigger is better.   Your cat doesn’t want to step … Read more

QUIZ: Do You Have The Inside Scoop On Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits?

Litter boxes are often smelly and unattractive; it’s no wonder most of us go out of our way to think about them as little as possible. For your cat, though, the litter box is a very big deal. Lots of factors– like the location of the litter box and how often you clean it– can help determine how comfortable and happy your cat is at home. Do you have the inside scoop on your cat’s litter box? Take this quiz … Read more

8 Tips For Keeping A Clean Litter Box

I doubt there has ever been a person who has enjoyed scooping the litter box. Its a chore we do because we must, but many of us do it begrudgingly. Litter boxes have such a bad rap that they often get neglected or hidden away in closets or basements. Unfortunately, our negative feelings about litter boxes can manifest into behavioral problems in cats who don’t want to use a messy box or can’t see well enough to feel safe in a … Read more

7 Tips For Litter Training Kittens

If you’ve adopted your new kitten from a reputable source, chances are good that she has already been litter trained. Your kitten’s mom will have began the litter training process once the kitten was weaned and became mobile. Sometimes, however, we end up with orphaned kittens or kittens who were adopted too young. In those cases, the responsibility falls on us to make sure our kittens know how to use the litter box. Since “kitten season” is on the way, … Read more