9 Litter Box Mistakes You May Be Making

Litter box issues are some of the most common cat behavioral problems. They can also be some of the most challenging problems to solve because there are so many reasons why a cat may stop using the litter box (not to mention how frustrating it can be to live in a home where the carpet under the dining room table has suddenly become the stand-in litter box). Like all behavioral problems, the key to solving it is to see the … Read more

5 Reasons Your Cat Kicks Litter Out Of The Box

It seems as though every cat lover on the planet is always looking for the perfect, magical type of litter that doesn’t scatter and get tracked all over our homes. Cats instinctually dig into their litter to cover whatever deposit they’ve left in the box, and that digging can look an awful lot like kicking. While it’s true that some types of litter (generally the heavier and larger-particled types) tend to track less, many cat parents don’t take the litter … Read more

The Case Of The Missing Poop

“Is this thing on? We need to chat….” My fellow cats, it is I, Arthur. I only have a few minutes my friends. My owner has stepped out of the room and I’ve hacked into this website to warn you. There is a major crisis happening in the cat world. The humans are taking away our precious possessions.  I’m not talking about our toys or food, I’m talking about the good stuff. The stuff we leave in our litter boxes. … Read more