Gentle Dog Has Helped Raise Hundreds Of “Bottle Baby” Kittens

Maddie Fang has fostered more than 100 kittens. She shares her experience on @fangsfosters where you can see kitten photos that will melt your heart. She has a particular affection for bottle feeders, helping them grow in preparation for adoption. It’s a great deal of work to nurture itty bitty kitties but Maddie manages with a little help from a friend. Her dog Leo plays a big role protecting, cleaning, and loving the kittens. View this post on Instagram Big boy … Read more

Over 100 Kittens Have Found Comfort In This Doting Rescue Dog

If Zuca was born to do one thing, it was to be a mother. When the rescue dog was found wandering the streets on her own, she was heavily pregnant and in need of help. Animal Control took her in, and she gave birth to her puppies in the comfort of a foster home. Zuca loved mothering her babies, and she was so good at it, she even became a surrogate mother to a few other puppies in need. Posted … Read more

After His Dad And Dog Pass, This Little Boy Gets A Birthday Surprise He’ll Never Forget

February 2017 was a devastating month for Joya and her two sons. They clung to each other in support as Joya’s husband and the boys’ father passed away after weeks in the hospital. The family was devastated by their loss, and a month later, they were hit again. Their beloved senior dog followed her owner and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Joya and her boys were left to face their grief as a significantly smaller family. They stood strong and made … Read more