Cutest Little “Catman” Is Helping Save Philly’s Stray Cats

5-year-old Shon Griffin might be the cutest super hero you have ever seen. He loves dressing up in hero costumes to help his aunts, Kia Griffin and Kris Papiernik, take care of homeless cats with their feline foster and rescue charity, Kolony Kats. Superman Shon giving Stray Kitty Crew Emerald chin scratches! They both seem to be enjoying it! 😻😻 A post shared by Kolony Kats (@kolonykats) on Aug 14, 2017 at 10:15pm PDT Shon has been helping his aunts since he was … Read more

Formerly Feral Special Needs Cat Wants To Change The World

With over three million fans on social media, an online store of merchandise featuring her face, and a name recognized across the country, Lil BUB isn’t your average celebrity cat. Her big eyes and small stature have captured the hearts of millions, and her story has gone on to bring hope and change in the world of animal advocacy. She’s a spoiled house kitty now, but the famous feline hasn’t forgotten that life wasn’t always this good. It’s the last … Read more

Inmates Change The Future For Homeless Cats From Behind Prison Walls

Allendale County in South Carolina is one of the poorest areas in the country. The average household income is $25,327, and 42% of the 10,000 residents live below the poverty line. They have one grocery store, one veterinarian, and the nearest Petco is 45 minutes away. But despite what they lack, the town boasts an animal welfare program that is making a huge impact on the lives of homeless pets. This is Athena, Zeus & Xena Posted by Pam Barnett … Read more

Feral Cats In Shelters Are Getting Employed Instead Of Euthanized

Animal shelters around the country have found a way to help reduce the number of feral cats that are euthanized every year. After being vaccinated and spayed or neutered, cats who are too wild to be adopted are given to businesses, warehouses, and farms to catch and deter rats and mice. The cats don’t even need to catch any rodents to earn their keep. The presence of cats and their droppings is enough to keep rodents away since they don’t … Read more

How TNR Groups Help Feral Cats In The Community

Did you know that 70% of all cats that wind up in shelters are euthanized? For feral cats, that number goes up to nearly 100% because they usually can’t be adopted. For decades, standard practice has been to round up and euthanize as many feral cats as possible, but that still hasn’t eradicated feral cat colonies. Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) programs are a more effective and humane way to manage feral cat populations. Here are 4 things you should know … Read more

5 Misconceptions About Feral Cats

Feral cats lurk in the high grass behind convenience stores, scrounge for food outside of restaurants, and stealthily survive on the streets. Their colonies are found in countless neighborhoods across the country, but there are a lot people don’t know about them. Some of the felines you see skittering across darkened streets are strays and lost pets, but the feral population doesn’t fit into either category. Feral cats are as close to “wild” as a domesticated species can be, and the best way to help … Read more