Cutest Little “Catman” Is Helping Save Philly’s Stray Cats

5-year-old Shon Griffin might be the cutest super hero you have ever seen. He loves dressing up in hero costumes to help his aunts, Kia Griffin and Kris Papiernik, take care of homeless cats with their feline foster and rescue charity, Kolony Kats.

Superman Shon giving Stray Kitty Crew Emerald chin scratches! They both seem to be enjoying it! 😻😻

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Shon has been helping his aunts since he was 3 years old. While they were reluctant to bring him along at first, the cats really connected with him. Papiernik told PEOPLE:

 “The first time he wanted to go out with us, we were hesitant, because feral cats are shy and easily scared and he was so little and rambunctious. But the cats really took to him, especially one named Bug that had eluded us for awhile.”

Griffin added:

“As soon as Shon showed up, that cat came right over and started rubbing against his legs. This was a cat that we couldn’t even look at for two years without him running away from us. Because of Shon, we were finally able to take Bug to get neutered, then bring him back to his little colony. Shon simply has a magic touch with cats.”

Gas Station Kitties Buffet!

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Since Shon has always enjoyed dressing up, the name “Catman” was a no-brainer. Papiernick said:

“There’s nothing he loves more than hanging out with the cats and making them happy.”

A SuPURRhero never leaves without making sure all of The Kats get treats! Kolony Kat Striper has all eyes on the treats!

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Even when he was trick or treating, Shon brought along cat treats.

TRICK OR TREAT! Stray Kitty Crew Benny Boom Boom picked treats! Shon handed out cat treats from his pumpkin bucket!

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Shon’s favorite phrase is “Be kind to cats.”

We couldn’t agree more.

To see more of Catman, check out the Kolony Kats Instagram account.

(H/T: PEOPLE, PEOPLE Pets, Kolony Kats)

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