Selfie-Loving Kitten Sneaks Into Police Station And Steals Hearts

A few days ago, a white and black 4- or 5-month-old kitten snuck into the Columbia Police Department station in South Carolina and stole some hearts. The police department posted these pictures on Facebook with the caption: “Meow wait just a minute… this furry feline stopped by #CPDWestRegion to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also #catsrule.” The kitten was later taken to a vet, where he was found to be a male without … Read more

Is Everything You Thought You Knew About Cats Wrong?

Dogs have been the center of research for decades. Plenty is known about their behavior, personalities, and motivations. The same can’t be said about cats. Research on them has been lacking, partly because they are deemed “untrainable” and difficult to work with. What if the problem is actually that they have different motivations than dogs? While many dogs are extremely food-motivated, a new study indicates that most cats prefer human interaction over anything else, including food. This turns the idea … Read more

So You Want An Adventure Cat: Here Are 5 Tips To Get Started

While dogs are long-time claimants in the role of man’s adventure buddy, the modern cat is starting to stake its claim. The idea of an adventure cat was born on the trail, and the internet has turned it into the dream for every outdoor-loving cat owner. Searching #adventurecat on Instagram or Twitter will bring up pictures of fearless felines on leashes climbing mountains, hiking trails, kayaking across lakes, and much more. Not every cat is meant to strap on a … Read more

A Cat Has Finally Joined This Airport’s Animal Therapy Team

Pet owners know that the mere presence of a furry friend can melt stress away. That’s why the Denver International Airport has a team of therapy dogs to ease travelers’ anxiety – and a cat just joined the ranks! The Canine Airport Therapy Squad – or CATS – has just welcomed it’s first real feline to the group. The program consists of over 75 certified therapy dogs, including almost 40 different breeds, who rotate 2-hour shifts to calm the nerves of flying commuters. … Read more

Popular Petition Plans To Change The Law About Cat Hit And Runs

When Gemma Conway’s cat named Bertie disappeared in Dorset, England, she feared the worst. She searched her neighborhood and posted on social media, but weeks and eventually months went by without her feline friend. She worried Bertie had been hit by a car, and reading about the UK’s 1988 Road Traffic Act made her feel worse. According to the law, motorists in the UK are required to file a police report if they are involved in a traffic accident with … Read more

UPDATED: 26-Year-Old Rescue Kitty In The Running For Being The World’s Oldest Living Cat

UPDATED: We are sad to report that Teddy passed away this morning (December 14, 2017). His owner, Fran English, posted this touching tribute to him on Facebook. A 26-year-old cat named Teddy is the oldest cat in Australia. His owner, Fran English, has applied to the Guinness Book of World Records with the hope of claiming Teddy as the oldest cat in the world after the recent passing of Nutmeg at the age of 32. Teddy used to try to sneak … Read more

7 Essential Cat Toys To Keep Your Kitty Entertained

Exercise is crucial for your cat’s health and happiness. 25-40% of cats in the United States are overweight. Cats suffer many of the same health problems related to obesity that people do, so maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for extending your cat’s healthy years. Exercise is also critical for maintaining your cat’s happiness. Since most cats won’t walk nicely around the block with a leash on, the best way for them to get exercise indoors is to play with … Read more

5 Signs Your Cat Is Lonely

Cats aren’t pack animals like dogs, but indoor cats do require affection and play with humans or other animals in order to be happy. In addition to warding off loneliness, having friends and playmates can help keep your cat mentally and physically healthier. Many of the tell-take signs of loneliness can also be signs of illness or behavioral problems. If you’re unsure, always consult your veterinarian.   #1 – Increased sleep Cats are nocturnal creatures, so it’s normal for them … Read more

Why Cats Love Having Their Heads Scratched

Have you ever wondered why your cat loves to have his head scratched so much? Sure, she may crave attention in any form she can get it, but it turns out there’s a lot more to it than that. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, author and professor emeritus at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, spoke to Live Science about his theory on why cats love having their heads scratched. According to Dodman, not only does scratching your cat’s head give … Read more

6 Things You Can Do To Help Your Nervous Cat

Does your cat seem to spend more time under your bed than anywhere else in the house? Are they grooming themselves so much that they have bald spots? Are they refusing to use the litter box? These are all signs that your cat is nervous and unhappy. What can you do to help your cat adjust and be happier? Here are 6 ways to help your nervous cat. #1 – Lower your expectations Trying to force your cat to open … Read more