Disneyland’s Secret Cat Population Makes It Even More Magical

Written by: Adri Sandoval
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| Published on June 24, 2017

Disneyland in California is known worldwide for its attractions, entertainment, and rides.

But when the crowds dissipate and the park is quiet, it’s also home to hundreds of feral cats!

According to an article by CNN, there have been felines roaming Disney’s moonlit streets for decades. The story reports:

“They first showed up at Disneyland shortly after it opened in 1955, and rather than spend time chasing them away, park officials decided to put the cats to work.”

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Since Minnie and Mickey are the only mice welcome in the park, the hard-working kitties catch the critters that scurry around the food and wildlife areas.

In return, Disney’s human employees keep a close eye on the felines. All the cats are vetted and spayed/neutered, and there are five feeding stations around the park where the four-legged “cast members” (or maybe “cat members”?) can grab a guaranteed meal!

The Cats of Disneyland, a blog dedicated to the felines, explains that there are about 200 kitties who are currently “employed” at the park. While most stay hidden from the visitors, a few have gotten quite comfortable amongst the guests. However, for everyone’s safety, Disney prefers that humans don’t approach their furry friends.

“As a general rule, Disney doesn’t encourage guests to get too close to the cats,” explains the blog. “In addition to the simple fact that it’s never smart to try to pet a cat you don’t know, these cats are often better off remaining solitary.”

And for kitties who crave contact, there’s a solution. The Cats of Disneyland says:

“If cats start to appear too comfortable around humans, Disney will adopt them out to cast members. The same is true of any new litters of kittens that are accidentally born on property.”

However, animal lovers are welcome to watch the cats at work, as long as they keep a respectful distance. The Cats of Disneyland gives its readers the inside scoop:

“Some of the feeding station locations where guests are most likely to spot a cat include ones near the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland, Taste Pilot’s Grill at DCA and White Water Snacks at the Grand Californian. Cats can also often be spotted in the Rose Court Garden at the Disneyland Hotel and in the ditch that runs parallel to the path for the Mickey and Friends Tram.”

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You may be wondering if Disney World also has a fleet of felines. While there isn’t as much information on their presence at the park in Florida, there’s probably at least a handful of kitties that make themselves at home there. In this case, we have no doubt that this animal-loving company would take good care of them!

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If you want to see some more of the kitty cast members of Disneyland, check out The Cats of Disneyland on Instagram at @disneylandcats.

Did you know that Disneyland is home to hundreds of feral cats, or have you ever seen one at the park? Tell us in the comments below! 

(h/t: CNN The Cats of Disneyland)