Girl Writes A 6 Page Report To Convince Parents To Get Her A Cat

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
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| Published on June 27, 2017

There are several great reasons to adopt a cat, and 11-year-old Romesa from San Antonio, Texas seems to have covered just about all of them in a six page research report she prepared for her parents! Romesa’s older sister, Rimsha tweeted about the project on June 20 and it has gone explosively viral ever since!

Animal lovers can’t seem to get enough of this bright little girl and her studious approach to obtaining her dream kitty.

The neatly typed essay features a photo of a fluffy white kitten on the cover page and the title: “Why I Would Love A Cat, Benefits Of Cats, And Fixing Problems.” According to Rimsha it took Romesa a total of one hour to gather her thoughts, research her points, and type up the report – complete with a “Sources Cited” page!

Romesa begins with several valid reasons why her parents should help her fill the cat-shaped hole in her heart:

  • Cats are adorable
  • They can cheer you up when you are sad
  • They can become your best friend
  • Having a cat makes you feel less lonely

She is even so bold as to suggest that a cat would “help me get off my electronics, because I would have a cute friend to play with.”

After these emotion-based points, Romesa goes on to drop some science on her folks!

“CATS SAVE LIVES,” she exclaims in all caps. “People are 40% less likely to die from a heart attack if they own a cat.”

She later points out that cats can warn you of impending seizures. And of course, there’s the old stress-reduction argument.

“THEY HELP OUR MOOD AND STRESS. 15 to 30 minutes of quality time with cats can reduce anger, stress and anxiety.”

On the off-chance that her parents were unmoved by the health benefits of having a feline in the home, Romesa smartly throws in a bit of religion!

“Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out, because he knew they were kind and clean animals.”

Like a true writer, Romesa saves her most persuasive argument for last: CATS NEED US!

“So many cats die every day because they are homeless, abused or neglected by their owners. I recommend we get a cat from a rescue shelter so we can save a life,” she writes. “Dad, mom, we need to help cats. They need us. And I need a cat. It would change my life forever.”

She concludes her report by thanking her parents and signs it, “Your Dear Old Lovely Daughter, Romesa.”

Is this child brilliant, or what?! So far there has not been an update on Rimsha’s Twitter account, but we will be keeping our fingers crossed that Romesa’s parents get her the kitty she definitely deserves!


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