Here’s Proof That Being A Cat Lover May Improve Your Chances At A Happily Ever After

Cats Protection conducted an interesting survey that gave some insight into finding partners with pets. As it turns out, survey takers felt that it was more important for a partner to be feline-friendly than to have a nice car or own their own place. Of the 1,000 participants, 25.7% said that it was either “important” or “very important” for a partner to be a cat lover (with another 25% staying neutral). Only 15.6% of people felt that owning a nice car was a … Read more

Cat Who Nearly Died Saving Family From House Fire Earns Herself A Prestigious Award

You may remember back in June when we profiled a cat named Frank, who was nominated for the Cats Protection’s National Cat Award 2016 (in the “Better Together” category), sponsored by PURINA®. The kitty had saved his owner’s life by helping him through a difficult battle with alcoholism. As of August 4th 2016, a winner has been picked. Although Frank did not nab the award, we love him for his life-saving loyalty. Meanwhile, National Cat Award winner Tink has an incredible story that deserves to … Read more

“Shocking” Discovery: Mama Cat And Kittens Rescued From Live Electrical Substation

When one mama cat found an enclosed, warm place to give birth to her kittens, she had no idea how dangerous it could’ve been! The Rescue When a gardener noticed stray kittens within the walls that guard the substation, she knew they were in imminent danger and called the Cat’s Protection rescue in Cambridge. “I immediately contacted the power company and the engineers joined me at the site very quickly. We all had one goal – to get the kittens out … Read more

After Saving His Owner’s Life From Addiction, This Cat Is Nominated For A Special Award!

As a Kent, UK man struggled to break free of his addiction to alcohol, his cat remained by his side and inspired him to get better. Robin Barry considered himself “more of a dog person” before his wife adopted a kitten while he was in rehabilitation. But it seems that Frank the cat may have made Barry a convert! “I’m the first to admit I was always more of a dog person and couldn’t see what the fuss was about at … Read more

New Quiz Helps You Decide What Sort Of Feline Would Make For Your Purrfect Companion

Lucky black cat, playful kitten or wise old moggy? A new online quiz developed by the UK’s largest cat charity is set to help would-be owners decide what sort of feline would be their purr-fect pet. Cats Protection’s light-hearted game takes potential pet owners through a series of questions to work out what type of cat would best suit their lifestyle. And with around 5,000 cats in its care at any one time, the charity is hoping the fun multiple-answer … Read more

This Hermaphroditic Kitten Is “An Absolute Cutie Pie”

Bellini is an adorable black kitten with an interesting “tail”: this sweetheart is a hermaphrodite, born with both sets of genitalia. When only a few days old, Bellini’s litter was left at St. Helens adoption center, in Merseyside, part of the Cats Protection rescue in the UK.   “When Bellini was checked over on arrival we had no question he was a boy. It was only when he went for neutering that closer inspection by the vet found he had mixed reproductive … Read more