This Hermaphroditic Kitten Is “An Absolute Cutie Pie”


Bellini is an adorable black kitten with an interesting “tail”: this sweetheart is a hermaphrodite, born with both sets of genitalia.

When only a few days old, Bellini’s litter was left at St. Helens adoption center, in Merseyside, part of the Cats Protection rescue in the UK.

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Source: Cats Protection


“When Bellini was checked over on arrival we had no question he was a boy. It was only when he went for neutering that closer inspection by the vet found he had mixed reproductive organs, making Bellini a hermaphrodite,” said adoption center manager Sonia Scowcroft.

Although reproduction is impossible, the kitten has still been neutered, as “neutered cats fight less, stay closer to home and are less likely to contract serious illnesses,” she explained.

“We have got used to calling Bellini a boy, but really it is up to his new owner to decide what they think is best,” Scowcroft added. Either way, he is an absolute cutie pie and will make a really lovely pet.”

Source: Cats Protection

Bellini has a slight heart murmur and will need regular vet check-ups. Otherwise, this baby is just a regular playful, energetic kitten!

Now nine weeks old, little Bellini has bonded closely with sister Daiquiri, and they are looking for a home together.

Hermaphroditic cats are certainly rare, meaning this fluff ball is extra-special. It’s a good thing this kitten was given an adorably androgynous name!

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Source: Cats Protection

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