This Woman Is The Only Glimmer Of Hope To Hundreds Of Local Street Cats

Every summer, Deike Behringer travels from her home in Germany to Estepona in Southern Spain. It is a lovely resort town on the Costa del Sol, but Behringer is not there for the sun and fun. Instead, she volunteers her time and remarkable photography skills to Estepona Cat Rescue, one of few organizations fighting to save the area’s unwanted cats. According to Behringer, Estepona’s cats are seen more as pests than cherished pets. The shelters are extremely primitive and the local … Read more

Donated Canned Food Helps Stray Cat Regain Her Health

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Miss Kitty is a dainty tabby and white Oklahoma gal who likely had a family at some time in her past. She is declawed and very sweet, but somehow she found herself roaming the streets as a stray. A kind family took her into their garage and fed her, but they were … Read more

Fierce Former Feral Cat Has Surprising Reaction To Foster Kittens

When feral cats are brought in from the street, the “solution” to their problems is usually euthanasia. They’re unaccustomed to being around humans, and scratching, biting, and hissing are their ways of communicating their distrust. But when an aging feral cat with advanced kidney disease was found in October of last year, his rescuers wanted a better future for him. The cat, later named Mason, was trapped as part of a Feral Fix-a-Thon that intended to help control the large … Read more

After Being Destroyed By Bombs, The Aleppo Cat Sanctuary Is Back

As war raged around the Syrian city of Aleppo, a story spread across the globe. An estimated 40,000 innocent civilians held on to their loved ones and left their homes to escape the war-torn country, but there was one glimmer of hope amidst the dust and bloodshed.  It was about a man who stayed behind. His name is Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, and he stayed in the all-but-deserted city because he had a purpose. The people of Aleppo weren’t the only … Read more

Trucker & His Rescue Cat Co-Pilot Cruise The Country

Paul Robertson doesn’t need one of those bobble-head dashboard ornaments for his big rig. He’s got something even better! His rescue cat, Percy, rides by his side everywhere he goes on a special platform Robertson built just for him. The life of a long haul trucker can get awfully lonely, so when Robertson’s beloved kitty, Howie, passed away last year, he decided to rescue another fellow feline traveler. When Percy and Robertson first met, the trucker noticed that the orange … Read more

People Were Told Not To Touch This Desperately Lonely Cat

If Sylvester didn’t already have the coldest, loneliest job on Earth, the note that someone left alongside the cat pretty much guaranteed it. The letter, stuck to a wall in the house where Sylvester lived, simply read, “Please leave cat alone. Cat there for a reason.” And that reason? To control the rat population in the Cornwall, Ontario, house.   The thing is, Sylvester wasn’t doing so well at rat control. In fact, his fur was frayed, his body covered … Read more

Clever Rescue Kitty Learns To Open Door To Be Close To Her Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, a lovely retired couple from Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, adopted their cat Muffin from Wood Green’s Animal Shelter 3 years ago. They knew from the start that Muffin was a handful – the shelter tech recommended they wear leather motorcycle gloves to handle her! – but they had no idea that their new rescue kitty was also quite clever. While gardening one day, Mr. Ellis was shocked to find Muffin watching him. He carried her back inside and … Read more

Cat’s 230 Mile Journey Under Car Hood Serves As A Reminder To Take Caution In Cold Weather

On January 14, Brooklyn native Raven Huang was taking his beloved kitty, Gumbo on a trip to the vet when he escaped from his carrier and ran off. Nine days and 230 miles later, Gumbo resurfaced at a ski resort in upstate New York after hitching a ride under the hood of his neighbor, Dana Esses’ Honda mini van. Esses had noticed a strange odor inside her van, but she never imagined it could be a trapped animal. After the … Read more

Rescue Cat Loses His Ears & His Teeth, But Gains The Love Of A Forever Home

The no-kill rescue, Mid Hudson Animal Aid (MHAA) in upstate New York took in a lilac point kitty named Eddie from a feral colony in 2013. His adoptive mom, Jennifer Blakeslee describes him as a “hot mess” and “as mean as they come” when he was first rescued. It turns out Eddie was in severe pain, but after a few drastic surgeries, he is now a loving, gentle giant. A photo posted by Eddie the Lilac Lion (@eddie_the_lilac_lion) on Jan 22, … Read more

Retired Veteran Has Been Feeding Stray Cats For 22 Years With Money He Earns Selling Scrap Metal

Every night Willie Ortiz, a retired soldier, school bus driver, mechanic, and welder at Connecticut’s Hartford Hospital, packs his old mini-van floor to ceiling with cat food and sets off on his rounds. He makes a total of 16 stops across the city, feeding 68 stray cats in all. For the past 22 years, this quiet, humble man has not missed a single evening of caring for his feline friends. It began in 1995 when Ortiz witnessed a hungry stray begging … Read more