Stray Cat Mama Carries Kitten To Hospital For Check-Up

No matter what species they might be, mothers do everything in their power to keep their babies safe and loved.

And a cat in Istanbul proved this to be true when she brought her tiny kitten into the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital emergency room.

Stray cats are common in Istanbul, but seeing one in a hospital is not usual. When Merve Özcan witnessed the mama cat walking the halls of the hospital with her kitten in her mouth, she was certainly surprised.

“Cats are very common creatures in my country,” Merve told The Dodo. “However, I was very surprised to see such a thing in the emergency for the first time.”


Merve was there with her father while he was having a follow-up test after his illness with COVID-19. And sitting in a hospital, it was easy to suppose the mama cat was bringing her sick kitten to the emergency room for help. Merve said, “It was obvious that she knew where to go.”

When the cat padded up with her kitten, Merve reports the medical staff “went to them and loved and cared for them.”


“I think it was a cat that employees already know, and there were people who saw it there before.”

The Diagnosis…Cuteness

But the news was good!

“Her kitten was not sick,” according to what Merve learned.


Seems the proud mama cat just wanted her human friends to meet her baby. “While the doctors loved on her and her baby, she stood safely next to them.”

And as a cat mom herself, seeing the kindness of the medical staff with the stray cat and her baby was heartwarming. It was also good to see medical staff have a smile. With the stress and tension of the coronavirus pandemic, the cat and her kitten were a welcome moment of joy.


The medical staff also contacted a veterinarian to be sure mom and baby were both healthy.

“Even when we left, the two were still there, confidently standing amongst the officers,” Merve said.

Hungry Strays Seeking Food Thanks to Empty Dumpsters

With the global coronavirus shutdown, stray cats are hungry all over the world. The stray cats of Istanbul haven’t been finding as much food lately as the restaurants have been closed and their dumpsters are empty. So, a world-wise stray cat mom knew right where to take her kitten for a snack and some love.


While her baby wasn’t sick, a mama cat took her kitten somewhere she knew meant safety and love. Sometimes, those two simple things can be the best medicine.

Feature Images: @ozcanmerveee/Twitter

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