10 Places In The World That Absolutely LOVE Cats

If you want to take a vacation where your crazy cat personality will be truly appreciated, try one of these 10 places that shares in your passion for all things feline.

#1 – Japan

It’s no secret the Japanese loves cats. From   “the good luck cat,” to a Hello Kitty theme park, this is the country to visit for cat lovers. Missing your cat back home? Never fear, just stop into a “Cat Café” where you can snuggle up with fuzzy felines to your heart’s content, for about $8 an hour.

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#2 – Egypt

The ancient Egyptians literally worshipped cats, with a feline deity by the name of Bastet, or Bast. Today, you can find cats all over Egypt where they are still revered. (Image Source: @MitchAltman via Flickr)

Stray cat at Cairo Bazaar MitchAltman via Flickr
Stray cat at Cairo Bazaar

#3 – Ireland

The green isle is one of the few places where black cats are a good omen. At Belfast castle, there is a legend that the castle will be safe as long as there is a cat (preferably white in this case) guarding the castle. So, there is now a “Cat Garden” where visitors can look for the cat-themed décor that is hidden around the garden. (Image source: @Ben via Flickr)

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#4 – Mykonos Isle, Greece

This island in Greece is famous for its cats. Every street in the main town of Chora has its own feline mascot. There is a feline photo op on every corner and you can bring home a coffee-table book full of pictures of the island’s strays. (Image Source: @Suzanne via Flickr)

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#5 – Rome, Italy

The Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is home to almost 300 cats, who dwell among the city’s oldest temple ruins. Every single day volunteers come to feed and take of the cats. For tourists, there is a CatShop where you can buy a souvenir to support the sanctuary or even adopt “a cat from a distance” to help pay for its care. (Image Source: Rome For Visitors)

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#6 – Oakland, California

An event held annually to benefit the East Bay SPCA, the OAKCATVIDFEST celebrates all things cat. The festival takes up several city blocks and while it’s a film festival, it has everything from cat celebrity meet ‘n’ greets to kitten adoptions.

Source The Furrtographer OAKCATVIDFEST
Source: The Furrtographer, OAKCATVIDFEST

#7 – Istanbul, Turkey

A haven for stray cats, Istanbul is home to the Stray Cat Hostel, a feline-themed hostel that is home to at least 3 cats. You can stay the night for free if you add the artistry on the walls.

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#8 – Key West, Florida

Earnest Hemingway is known for a lot of things, but cat lover is probably not one of them. Nonetheless, he had a polydactyl kitty named Snowball. Today, his home, which is now a museum, is occupied by no less than 40 cats, all of which are polydactyls and some who are direct descendants of Snowball. (Image Source: Hemingway Home & Museum)

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#9 – Moscow, Russia

Yuri Kuklachev is obsessed with cats. So much so, he has renovated an old theater in Moscow and has turned it into the Moscow Cat Theater and Cat Temple. Here, you can watch the animal trainer’s live performance featuring all cats (of course) or go into the cat temple and learn everything there is to know about cats as well as snuggle up the 200 felines that reside there.


#10 – London, England

After the success in Japan and Korea, England now has it’s first “cat café” called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. Name after Alice’s cat in Alice in Wonderland, the café boast 11 felines who grace you with their presence will you enjoy a nice English tea. (Image Source: @Peter via Flickr)

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