10 Ways To Help Shelter Cats

| Published on July 19, 2014

Regardless of how much time or money you have, there is something you can do on this list to help shelter cats everywhere.

#1 -Volunteer

Whether it’s a few times a year or a few times a week, the kitties appreciate and time you spend with them, and so does the human staff. There are many jobs you can do, depending on your talents: kennel cleaning, paperwork, creating adoption photos or videos, giving attention, helping potential adopters, etc. (Image Source: @Rikki’sRefuge via Flickr)

@Rikki’sRefuge via Flickr

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#2 – Donate


You can donate money, bed, toys, food, or a host of other supplies. See if your place of work will let you hold a drive to collect more items or put a box up at your local library or coffee shop. Remember, even one can of food can make a difference.


#3 – Start a Nonprofit


Feeling ambitious? Start a nonprofit to raise money, awareness, and help increase adoptions. Maybe your nonprofit will give out grants for low-income spay/neuter, or organize fundraising events. Even if it’s something as small as a weekly neighborhood bake sale, the amount can add-up quickly.


#4 – Adopt

Of course, you can adopt a shelter cat, or two! Maybe adopt a senior or special needs kitty that might otherwise be overlooked. (Image source: @Pawel
via Flickr)


#5 – Shop Smart


Buy products from companies that give back a percentage to cat shelters. This way, even the products you buy for yourself or your own pets will help cats in need. For example, The Animal Rescue Site has a large variety of products and each purchase donates bowls of food to shelter animals.


#6 – Social Media


Use your social media to make an impact by spending time sharing adoptable cats in your area. You would be amazing at how many pets find homes from sharing online. This doesn’t cost anything, just a few minutes on the computer each day (you are there any way!)


#7 – Partner with a Shelter


If you own your own business, or work for a small one, see about forming a partnership with a local shelter. You can hold adoption events on company grounds, use your resources to help get cats adopted, raise money, or donate a percentage of your sales. For example, put a box for old clothing at your office and then make blankets for the shelter cats.


#8 – Have a Birthday Party


Your birthday can be the perfect way to help shelter cats. Instead of presents for yourself, ask guests to bring money or supplies to be donated to your favorite cat shelter. It will make everyone feel good about your special day.


#9 – Sponsor

Some kitties have special needs, meaning they had an expensive surgery, need daily medications, or have a disability. Even if you can’t adopt, you can sponsor these “long-term residents” by covering their expenses until they are adopted.(Image source: @RebeccaDongallo via Flickr)


#10 – Search The Internet


Believe it or not, you can donate to a cat shelter just by doing a search for a new
pair of shoes. GoodSearch is a Yahoo! powered search engine that donates a
penny for every search. They may not sound like a lot, but think of how many
times a day you search on the internet for something. It will add up. They also
have shopping, dining, and gaming sites that also donate either a penny or a
percentage. All of these are at no added costs to you.


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