10 Things Your Cat Probably Shouldn’t Play With

| Published on July 16, 2014

Keep your kitty safe by making sure they are not playing with any of the following common household items.

#1 – Yarn

Kittens and yarn have been paired together since who knows when. But yarn is a dangerous play to for your cat. They can ingest it, causing blockage and they can choke as they try to swallow an endless string.


#2 – Electrical Cords

We have all seen Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation, enough said. Don’t let your kitty chew on cords, plugged in or not.


#3 – Elastic Bands

Cats just love pawing hair and rubber bands around. They can pick them up with their claws and teeth, scoot them around the hard wood floor, etc. However, they can cause injury if the cat manages to snap it on themselves and blockage if they swallow it

#4 – Loose Feathers

Although cats do catch and kill birds, they do not usually eat them and if they do, they leave the feathers. Feathers can cause blockages similar to a hairball and the chemicals in dyed craft feathers are not good for cats.

#5 – House Plants

While kitties love to tear up and eat greenery, unless you are a veterinarian and a botanist, there is no way for you to remember all the poisonous plans out there. Many house plants are not good for cats, so it’s best to keep them out of reach and be safe, than sorry.

#6 – Ribbon and Tinsel

These holiday traditions are just as dangerous for kitties as yarn. Don’t use them or keep them well away from your cat.

#7 – Fishing Line

It might be tempting to attach a toy to some fishing line and play with your cat, but that line is NOT kitty safe. Aside from ingestion, your cat can get wrapped up in line, causing cuts and loss of circulation.

#8 – Packing Material

Kitties love to play in boxes…but remove the packing peanuts first! The non-biodegradable packing peanuts contain toxins and can block up your cats intestine if ingested. As for bubble wrap or the air-filled “pockets,” you cat can get pieces of plastic down their throat, causing suffocation.

#9 – Plastic Bottle Seals

Again, something cats love to play with – the little ring that comes off when you open a plastic jug, like from a gallon of milk. However, these are small pieces that are easily ingested by not digested. Avoid blockage and give your cat a larger ball to bat around instead.

#10 – Plastic Bags

While paper bags are a great toy for hide and seek, plastic are not. If your cat decides to chew on it, the plastic he ingests can cause blockages. And, like a child, your cat can suffocate in a plastic bag.

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