Special Message On Lost Cat’s Collar Saves His Life

| Published on September 16, 2016

While out for a run, a Texas woman recently came across a cat wandering around. He was an orange tabby wearing a collar and seemed quite friendly. Any other day, she would have just kept running by, but something in her gut feeling said to check on this little kitty. Thankfully she listened, because she surely saved his life.


She was recently browsing Reddit and reading a thread that mentioned, “If you have an indoor cat, put ‘Name (Indoor cat)’ on the name tag. That way, if someone finds your cat, they will know that it is not supposed to be outside and call you.” Sure enough, when she stopped to read the cat’s collar, there was a message that said just that. “(It) said ‘I’m an indoor cat’… I really couldn’t believe it when I read it,” she told Love Meow.


The little kitty was named Jamie and he was certainly lost. After calling the phone number on his tag but getting no answer, the Good Samaritan decided to wait around with Jamie just a little bit longer. He was very friendly, not afraid at all, and even rolled over and seemed quite happy a friend came along.

She decided to take some pictures to send to Jamie’s owner, but before she could her phone rang. Jamie’s mom was so happy to hear he had been located safe and sound. The Good Samaritan told Love Meow, “They were overjoyed because he had gotten out and was pretty far from home. His owner said he crossed some pretty busy streets to get to where he was last night, so we may have in fact saved his life.”


Thankfully Jamie is home safe and sound. We have this Good Samaritan to thank for stopping when her gut told her to check on this lost kitty and Jamie’s mom for applying this great idea! Remember, proper identification should be on your cat at all times! You never know when something is going to happen and we know you’d like your feline friends returned home safely.


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