Shelter Cats Receive A Much-Needed Renovation Funded By Your iHeartCats Purchases

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
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| Published on October 28, 2017

The cats awaiting their forever homes at Animal Alliance of New Jersey have it made in the shade – or should I say the sun!

Thanks to their affiliation with several charities, the shelter now features two large, free-roaming cat rooms packed with creature comforts and cozy perches. Best of all, there are massive windows where the feline residents can soak up some Vitamin-D.‘s Rescue Rebuild program rebuilds, repairs, and renovates animal shelters and rescues in need using funds donated every time you make a purchase from iHeartCats.

The volunteers mostly find themselves focusing on dog shelters, so they were delighted when Animal Alliance reached out hoping to provide more space and enrichment for the many cats they save.

Image via Rescue Rebuild


In just eight days, the dedicated volunteers from Rescue Rebuild built two new cat rooms, complete with fiberglass reinforced plastic panels, fresh paint, easy-to-clean and sterilize wall coverings, elevated cat shelves, scratchers, activity towers, tons of enrichment toys and new benches for visitors.



And they didn’t ignore the pups! Volunteers built five new benches for the canine meet-and-greet rooms. told iHeartCats via email:

“In such a short time 80 cats and numerous dogs were helped. All you need is imagination, drive, and dedicated volunteers with a love for animals!”


To learn more about the iHeartCats Rescue Rebuild collection and to find out what we’re supporting at present, click here.

Featured Image via Facebook/Animal Alliance of New Jersey

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