See The Difference A Foster Program Makes For These Five Kittens

| Published on June 4, 2015

Because it’s kitten season, there are a lot of kittens that end up in the shelter these days. The influx of kittens and puppies are increasing, generating hundreds of underage animals that cannot go straight to adoption. These underage animals have to go to a foster who will take care of their every need.

Kittens who have no mothers are the ones who are in need the most. They have to be bottle-fed every couple of hours, so it is important that they will find a foster immediately. Fortunately, there are people who volunteer to be fosters to these little babies. These amazing people help save lives by taking these baby kittens under their care until they are old enough for adoption. Watch the video below and learn more.

The kittens’ lives are saved because of these fosters! A big thank you to these kindhearted people!

Make difference and help save lives by volunteering as a foster at your local shelter!