You Won’t Believe What Is Hiding Underneath This Pile Of Cats

| Published on June 4, 2015

Cats love to sleep in piles. Maybe because they like to keep each other warm. Or maybe they just love to cuddle with each other and be close to one another. Whatever the reason is, we just love looking at them sleep in piles. It’s such an adorable sight–a pile of furry cuteness!

In the video below, you will see a pile of sleeping kittens. These sweet and furry babies are probably taking a nap. Can you guess how many kittens are in the video? At first glance, it seems like there are three kittens but wait until you see when their human lifts one kitty off the pile! There’s another cute kitty hiding underneath, and she’s sleeping in a very funny position! Watch the video and see for yourself!

They’re all so cute! And I love how that hiding kitty stretches up her legs in the air. It’s just too adorable!

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