Tiny Kitten Takes On Somebody 20 Times Its Size!

| Published on June 4, 2015

The Pet Collective brings us yet another adorable video from their YouTube channel and we just can’t help but watch it a few times over. This tiny little kitten is so brave he’s taking on the hands of a big human, not even realizing that the human is controlling the hand! This kitten is pouncing and jumping all over trying to catch the big hand with the wiggly fingers and fortunately for us, it was caught on video. We all know kittens are playful and cute, but sometimes we forget just how fun they are to watch! If you enjoyed this short clip as much as we did, be sure to check out The Pet Collective’s YouTube channel for more videos!

Do you have any cute videos of your kittens or cats playing? We just love to watch them leap and pounce around trying to wrestle or fight something they think is weird. Share your videos with us in the comments section!