Sammy The African Grey Parrot & The Family Kitten – Best Friends Forever

| Published on June 10, 2015

While some cats love to hunt and chase birds, there are some cats who live with birds and are best friends with them. There was even that one bird who was in love with a cat. Budgie the bird thinks he’s cat and he keeps on stalking the family cat named Lexie.

Now here’s another cute cat and bird friendship. Sammy The African Grey Parrot and the family kitten love to play. They play together, and they even eat together! But Sammy can be quite a bully though. Can you believe it–a bird bullying a cat? LOL! Watch the adorable video below and see these two cute friends play and eat together.

Aren’t they cute? I hope when the kitty grows up, they’d still be friends!

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