Matilda The Alien Cat Is Becoming An Instagram Star

| Published on June 10, 2015

Your eyes are not fooling you…or should I say, HER eyes are not fooling you! Matilda‘s eyes are REAL (no, it’s not photoshopped!). They’ve nicknamed her Matilda the Alien Cat!

Matilda is gaining popularity and is becoming an Instagram star. This two-year-old Tabby cat suffers from an ocular issue, causing that alien-looking, “otherworldy” look. According to her owner’s post on a Reddit forum, “The lenses in her eyes spontaneously detached, and since then her eyes have grown and she has lost most of her sight. She has seen several vets, including a veterinary eye specialist, but the disorder has no name and hasn’t been observed in any other cats as far as they know.”


Matilda has visited many specialists, but there’s still no explanation of what Matilda’s condition really is. Although she has lost most of her sight, she doesn’t seem to be in pain.

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Here’s a short video of Matilda playing with something!

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This was Matilda when she was little. This was before the alien in her manifested. 🙂

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And then little by little, the alien began to take over her eyes…

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Well, alien or no alien, we think Matilda is one gorgeous kitty!

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…and her growing number of followers on Instagram agree! Matilda is beautiful and unique!

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For more information and pics about Matilda, you can visit her website at You can also see more of her photos in her Instagram account. Be sure to LIKE her pics!

Right now, there is no diagnosis for Matilda’s eyes. Her condition remains a mystery. Her owner is still seeking for more information about her condition. So if anyone of you out there knows of a cat who looks like a Matilda, please to reach out to her.