Teacup Potbelly Piglet Adopted By A Mama Cat – What Happens Next Is Amazing!

| Published on June 10, 2015

It’s so adorable when a mama cat adopts another animal and takes them under her care. One of our favorite videos was that of a mama cat who adopted a baby squirrel. The mama cat was even nominated as “Kitty Mother of the Year!” because she treated the baby squirrel as her own.

This cat adopted an even bigger animal–so much bigger than a baby squirrel! She adopted a teacup potbelly piglet! The four-week-old piglet’s name is Stewart, and he just loves his new family. Stewart loves to cuddle with his new mama and his feline siblings. I bet Stewart thinks he’s a kitten too! Watch the video below and see them snuggling together!

Now wasn’t that just adorable?! That’s one cute and happy family!