Research Shows Cats Have 5 Major Personality Types

A recent study was conducted by Dr. Lauren Finka of the University of Lincoln. In the study, she interviewed roughly 200 cat owners to get an idea about the personalities of their feline friends. In the study, she suggests that there are 5 personality types that cats fall into and her results support this. These personalities are influenced both by a cat’s development and upbringing and their genetics. There are of course variations in these personality types, just like with people, but it appears that all cats fit into one of the 5 main categories. Interested in finding out which your cat is? See which of these best describes your feline companion.

#1 – Human Cat

Cats under this category are extremely social towards people. They solicit affection from humans on a regular basis, enjoy invading your personal space at all times and wants to sleep on or near you. These cats crave human attention and do best in vibrant homes with many different people to snuggle with.

#2 – Hunter Cat

All cats are hunters, but Hunter Cats exhibit their willingness to hunt all of the time. These cats often prefer realistic cat toys and can be seen stalking, pouncing and even “killing” them as if they were actual prey. These cats are happiest with a large area to roam and explore, such as an outdoor cat enclosure, where they can be outside and play with bugs and other small creatures that happen to enter the area.

#3 – Cats’ Cat

The Cats’ Cats are easily recognized by their desire to be around other cats. These are the felines that are always grooming the other cats in the household, always touching noses and sleeping with the other cats. They seem to enjoy the company of other felines as much as, if not more, than that of people. This behavior would be somewhat unnatural in the wild, but kittens raised around other cats often develop the Cats’ Cat personality.

#4 – Cantankerous Cat

Everyone knows a Cantankerous Cat. These felines are more easily frustrated or annoyed, sensitive to people and the environment and much less tolerant of being handled. They require a special patience when helping them cope with stress and are easily upset by simple changes, such as new guests or rearranged furniture. They are more independent cats that enjoy their humans, but prefer to stay a little distant and appreciate their alone time.

#5 – Inquisitive Cat

The Inquisitive Cat is the cat who’s always getting into something. These felines are curious, playful and outgoing. They are eager to explore anything new in their environment and are the cats you’ll find in bags, cardboard boxes, or tucked away in some weird space we didn’t even know they could fit in. They are social with people and enjoy meeting new friends and checking out new backpacks, purses and laps!

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