Rescue Cat Makes Life Easier For Little Boy Living With Autism

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 15, 2015

Billy the cat didn’t have it easy from the start after being abandoned in an old boarded-up house with no owner to be found. Fraser, his future owner, didn’t have an easy start either–spending the first 3 days of his life screaming uncontrollably, his mother said. The now five-year-old boy, Fraser, was diagnosed with autism from a very early age, and his mother feared that life would be hard on him if people judged him unfairly. When Fraser was two years old his mother, Louise, took him to their local animal shelter, to hopefully find him a loving friend that wouldn’t judge him or make him feel bad for his regular uncontrollable tantrums. From the minute these two saw each other, and Billy cuddled with Frazer proving his kindness and understanding to him, the two became inseparable.

“If Fraser is around or playing in the garden, Billy is never far away. It is like he is watching Fraser and calming his behavior,” Louise said. It’s always been said that animals are true healers, and cats have a keen intellect for caring for their humans that need them. Watch this sweet video below of two best friends who really do love one another:


Watching Fraser and Billy together is enough to make anyone smile. We hope that Fraser knows he’ll never have to worry about Billy thinking he’s anything less than perfect. Do you believe that cats have the unique gift of making others feel special when they need it the most? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts with us!