5 Things You Didn’t Know About The American Curl

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on June 15, 2015

The American Curl is an interesting cat breed, characterized by the uniquely curled ears that give the breed its name. Obviously we know their an American breed given the name, but what else do you think you may know about this cat breed with the curly ears? Take a look at our 5 fun facts about the American Curl cat breed:

3086900019_1f5078fe2a_zSource: Nickolas Titkov via Flickr

1. Rare History

This cat breed originated after a beautiful black kitten with a fluffy long coat and strangely curled ears was found on the doorstep of a California family’s home. Guess faith stepped in because the couple decided to keep the abandoned kitten as their own, and thus began the breed after they registered the cat and became cat breeders! Fun fact: Unlike most cats ears that have soft and supple cartilage, the cartilage on a American Curl’s ears is firm like a human’s would be.

2261124998_ce4423f19c_zSource: Nickolas Titkov via Flickr

2. Signature Ear Furnishings

The American Curl comes in almost every color and pattern combination imaginable for a cat, in both long and short haired varieties. For those which are longhaired, these cats have pronounced tufts of “ear furnishings” which fan out from their ears.

4498796875_08147c712b_zSource: Nickolas Titkov via Flickr

3. Run and Jump, and Fetch, Oh My!

These active kitties are known for being extremely playful, and are certainly not the sort of cat breed that you will find cozied up in a chair napping most of the day. Fun fact: The American Curl is called the Peter Pan of felines–due to the fact that many say this cat breed retains its kitten-like personality throughout its entire life.

8640922464_97f8057c0f_z-2Source: Nickolas Titkov via Flickr

4. Straight Ears at Birth

All American Curl kittens are said to be born with straight ears, and at approximately 3-5 days of age the curl of their ears starts to take shape. There are variations of the curl, from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. Fun fact: The American Curl cats with the biggest curl in their ears are the most coveted of the breed.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 3.19.10 PMvia YouTube

5. Ideal Cat Breed for Families with Small Children

Because of their Peter Pan-esque nature, the American Curl is an excellent cat breed for families with small children. These cats must be part of the action and are extremely affectionate with their humans, so they won’t mind the extra attention one bit. If you’re looking for a sweet cat with loads of energy with some seriously adorable ears, then look no further than the American Curl!

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